Sunday, September 14, 2008

You Are Never Really Alone

Sometimes people tell me that they are lonely. As a person who doesn't enjoy too much solitude, I would like to tell you the importance of surrounding yourself with people - especially if you are anything like me. 

When I thought about starting all over again in Wisconsin, I was very scared that I would feel lonely. This feeling leads me into a state of depression. Not Clinical depression, but a depression no less. I have to make sure that I keep busy to stay sane. 

My first week here, besides getting my routine down (like my running/job hunting, movie going, farmer's market, etc.), I decided to really "get out there." I tried out a yoga studio, joined a book club, went bar hopping, and attended a young professionals networking group, all within 10 days of my arrival. I still had too much down time! But, I met some people, and established some relationships, which have lead me to become somewhat busy, and the fear of feeling isolated has vanished. 

So flash forward to today. It is a Sunday, and since I can remember, I have hated Sundays. Sundays are the only day I do not run. Perhaps this has something to do with it. (But this does give me permission to take in as much alcohol as I want on Saturday night, without worrying about running with a horrible hangover....) I think the lack of structure on this day has always made me dread it. I was excited for today, because I had brunch and dinner plans. Ironically enough, they were both cancelled! (One I was responsible for, the other, I wasn't). But lucky for me, I made sure to have a great day, and here is what happened...

When brunch was cancelled, I was already dressed, so I decided to go to that wine/coffee place I frequent. I had a coffee, and pulled apart the newspaper, looking for a place to live (that's another story, for another time). I sat at my favorite table - it's a barn table, and it's long enough to share with other coffee drinkers. A couple came in, and wanted to sit with me. He was wearing a "Boston" sweatshirt, and we immediately start talking about Boston, as I lived there from '02-'04. I ordered lunch, and we got to know each other. We spent my entire lunch chatting away, and before I knew it, I had to go to a 1:00 appointment down town. We exchanged names, and said our "good-byes." 

Next, I meet a man to look at a place to live. It's a dump, and I tell him nicely that I don't want it. I decide that he's a freak, and he tells me to meet him at another one of his rentals. I go. He pulls up in a Smart car! How cool is that? He shows me this next place, which is going to be moved from one street down town to another! I still think he is a freak. Then, we start talking, and I quickly figure out that he is a prominent character in Madison, and he owns real estate all over the place. After figuring me out rather quickly, he makes some calls to some people he knows. He says to them, "I am with this woman who wants something much fancier than what I have. Are you still wanting to rent your place?" I didn't even have to say anything! He drives me around in his Smart car (again, how cool?), and everyone stares at us (I thought it was because I tried out some new make-up...), and we had a blast. 

As we go our separate ways, my phone rings, and it's a new friend, I made a few weeks ago, wanting to get together for a dog hike. My day sure did fill up fast. And, I was worried about having nothing to do on a Sunday! 

Madison is a very friendly town. Some cities are that way, and others (like Boston), are not. I encourage everyone to get out there, and create your entertainment. It can be hard to go to a networking event alone, or try a yoga studio, when you aren't a guru, but it's simply something to do, and it's the best way to make a life for yourself. 

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  1. I'm impressed--you are a brave girl taking the bull by the horns. Give me a call sometime.