Friday, September 5, 2008

Volunteering for Obama

With the upcoming election, Madison is pretty politically active (compared to what I am used to, anyways). I should start out by letting you know that in 2004, I was living 2 blocks away from John Kerry in Boston. When the 24 hour security started sitting outside his townhouse, it got pretty exciting. (I get starstruck easily). Once, I looked through the window, and saw Teresa Heinz, sitting in an armchair, reading. But for some reason, the electricity just wasn't the same as it is here.

Being in such a liberal town, it reminds me very much of being surrounded by my college friends and classmates at Wooster. People want to discuss politics with you, and there are "Watch Parties," to watch the conventions.

So, yesterday, I decided to stop by the Obama "Campaign for Change" headquarters, and give them a little of my time. They looked at me and said, "Well, all we have open right now is phone calls." They looked at me sympathetically, knowing that this was the only opportunity they have because it is the least desirable. In fact, I could tell they half expected me to say I would come back another day. As you probably know, I am a salesperson, and have spent plenty of time on the phone, so what if some people get nasty with me? Big deal.

I was given a list of geriatrics to call who are "undecided." Some of them were rude, and I thought to myself, "Up yours, you old bag. You're the one who is probably sitting on the couch watching 'Wheel of Fortune,' while I am volunteering!" Anyways, that aside, the most interesting thing I learned is that several of these "older" people informed me that they wanted Hillary, but now that she is out, they like Palin, so they are voting for McCain. Interesting to know. I was given a script, and chose to keep my opinions to myself.

This is a very exciting time. I encourage everyone to register to vote.


  1. Janie, I love you for volunteering! Yay!
    -Katie B

  2. Janie, nice to hear you are volunteering. I would love to but have never been comfortable being open with my political views except w/family. My dad just decided to switch from McCain to Obama after Palin was announced. We both agreed she is nothing but evil. In fact, whenever I see her on TV I have to turn the station as just the thought of her being VP makes me sick. Good luck.