Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Night in the Life

I know I haven't posted in a while. I guess it's most likely because I haven't done anything new and my family, work, friend and relationship issues are all just fine. Which is really nice. And I try not to ever talk about work on here because I think it is important to keep work separate.

I suppose I could be blogging about the Western part of the state that I am learning through my work. It is really nice to get to know these areas. I also have the benefit of meeting people from each place I visit.

The newest cities I have been to are Eau Claire and La Crosse. I couldn't get a real feel for Eau Claire - although it was hilly and pretty. One stop I made - to a VFW bar (not to drink), overlooked a lake. As I parked the car, I took a moment to walk over to take in the view. When I walked into the bar, I saw they have a scenic window of the water. I must admit, I stuck out like a sore thumb. As I was clearly the only non-regular there. And I was in business attire.

La Crosse has a great little down town area. I am really looking forward to going back there. It is also known for having great hiking and I was able to squeeze in a delicious lunch at Hackberry's Bistro, above the Coop. I was also excited to see that the La Crosse Coop has my favorite wine. (Which I happen to be sipping on now).

I was sort of mad when I scheduled a meeting during the concert on the square, for tonight, but it ended up being a fantastic meeting. And when I returned, the concert was just ending. So, I took my dog around the square. I think of the square as my back yard. Here is my stream of consciousness from out my door, around and back:

-A homeless man.... or was he a hippie from the 60s? Unclear....
-A group of french speaking people taking money out at the ATM.
-My dog started to eat a trail of popcorn.
-A couple stopped to pet my dog. Told me they have a 15 year old golden at home.
-I started to look at all of the people who hadn't cleared from the square yet. Still drinking their wine and beer. I wondered if my friends went?
-I saw a couple photographing each other in front of the capitol.
-I saw some musicians walking home (or to their cars).
-One guy had a cart of all of his lawn chairs. Like he moved onto the square for the afternoon.
-I picked up after my dog and saw a couple embracing in a car, unaware that I could see them kissing. I wondered how often people see me doing that?
-I walked by a little girl named "Emma" who was itching to pet my dog. "Do you want to pet her?" I asked... She nodded bashfully and started petting her. My dog obeyed pretty well. (Unusual, might I add?) "C'mon, Emma" the kids yelled - not noticing that Emma had fallen for a dog.
-Then, I passed 2 girls having a dramatic discussion about how "He didn't mean it! How did he say it?"
-I moved on, and a group of guys were saying, "You should know better than to joke about that. She didn't think it was funny."
-I heard a girl scream just then. I looked over and a raccoon was running by.
-I walked up to my condo and saw a rabbit in the dog run.
-I brushed my dog for about five minutes, while 2 girls about my age stopped outside my building and one asked the other if she wanted to come in. They talked out there for a while and I went inside to "de hair" my condo. (The dog sheds)
-I went out to my "french balcony" to beat a blanket free of hair, and they were still out there, talking.
-About twenty minutes after that, I went out to my "french balcony" to beat some pillows free of dog hair, after vacuuming, and they were still out there talking.
-Then I thought to myself

"Why didn't the girl take up the other girl's offer to go inside? They have been out there for 45 minutes."
Then I thought

"If they were paying attention to all of my activities, they would notice that I have been de hairing golden retriever hair for 45 minutes. And I do this about three times a week. Why do I want another golden again?"

And that is a night in the life.............

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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels like they spend a significant amount of time dealing with/cleaning pet hair/fur. And my pet is quite a bit smaller than yours, but the fur is everywhere!!