Sunday, June 10, 2012

I'm on a Boat! Part II

After the summer of discovering the awesomeness of being out on the Madison lakes, I have already been out three times in 2012. And we haven't even officially hit summer yet. Pretty fabulous.

The Memorial Union was crowded yesterday with everyone under the sun [literally] who wanted to be outside. With that said, my good girlfriend and I hit the terrace for some pitchers and people watching. Several hours into it, we were invited onto one of my favorite captain's boat! We were able to watch the sunset, swim, [in my clothes - after all, I wasn't prepared to go boating], drink, socialize and all that other jazz. What a great way to have a spontaneous day.

Now the even more exciting news is that my girlfriend convinced me to ride the B-Cycle bike from the Union to the square. I am super scared of biking and loved it. Way to go, G!

Today we were back on a boat. This time we hit up Lake Monona. Stopped for lunch/snacks and docked at a place called Gilligan's Island. Different captain [I love all the captains, by the way], but still great fun. Gilligan's Island was pretty full and the water was low and the people were - well.... the kind of folks who smoke in front of their toddlers. If you catch my drift. There was an ADORABLE golden retriever puppy there and they made my day.

And while the recall election turned out - well..... oddly, just remember that Madison is very different than the rest of the state.

Peace, love and something else which now slips my mind to all of you.