Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Land of Exercise


I am lucky I am so disciplined. I have written many times about my addiction to running. In November of 2008, I blogged about exercise. Why aren't more people doing it?

This is something I think about every morning when I am outside: "Why aren't you exercising?" I am tired of your excuses because they are all horrible. Horrendous.

I know I blog about my running on here a lot. It is what brought me to Madison in the first place. But why aren't more people doing it?

I discovered with "On Demand" that I can watch television shows anytime. So, I selected this show called "Jillian" (or something like it) where the woman from the "Biggest Loser" spends a week at an obese family's home and teaches them how to improve their lifestyle. There is more to it than that. But, she hits the nail on the head when she says to the obese adults that they are "selfish." I am pretty sure that is exactly what I have told parents in poor health. And adults who do not exercise.

Why are you selfish? Because you are doing an extreme disservice to your children who love you. And are scared that you will die. Of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, stroke, etc. If you think it's funny, it's not.

I listed the perks of exercise for me in my blog.

Now I am going to tell you the top three horrible excuses I hear.

1) "I am too busy"

In my pet peeve posting, I made it clear that I hate to hear that. What it really means is "it is not a priority." Do you think I want to blog more than I do? I do. But it id not on the top of my list. Exercise is number one on my list. I make sure it happens. You think I want to get up at 3:30 AM to go running? I have. Because I had to leave my house by 5. Because it is a priority. I am not too busy for it. Too busy? BAD excuse!

2) "I am waiting for it to cool down."
(That's for you, Dad - who is training to walk the five New York boroughs in October, but he hasn't started training yet. Since I put it up here, Dad - you ARE doing it and I am doing it with you. Let's pick a date).

Cool down? I am done with my run by 7:30 AM. Sometimes on the weekend, too. So, get out of bed and do it while the sun is not high in the sky. Or, you can join a gym or do it on the treadmill, like your daughter does from mid-November until early March, six days a week.

3) "I am too tired."

Ahh, my favorite one. Why not get another hour of sleep and still feel sleepy the rest of the day? How about, forgo the hour of sleep, wake up groggy and start pounding the pavement? About two minutes into that, you are AWAKE! Good morning! And it lasts all day! How would you feel if I told you that you can feel alive all day long? Well you can. Workout in the morning and forgo the "snooze" button.

Those are the three excuses that I think are pretty darn lame. I am thirty years old and I weigh the same as I did in eighth grade. Do you want to know how much? Send me an e-mail so I don't sound like one of those self-righteous status updaters on facebook.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A New Eatery

You have to pay attention to the commerce in your city when you like it a lot. I don't know how my friends completely missed the big Italian restaurant that just opened in between the Starbucks and Ocean Grill off the square. It just opened this past week.

Always excited to try a new restaurant, I went there on Tuesday night. Now this is the difference between Cleveland and Madison (I know I have mentioned the differences before). In Cleveland, there would be an hour and a half wait. And a zillion people in front of you with those pagers that I haven't seen since I moved. Because the ambiance of this place was very, very chain like. I give it a thumbs down. Sorry, Francesca. But I like your name.

The food didn't taste so local to me. It wasn't very busy. There just wasn't anything special about it. But, I am willing to give it a second chance. When I am dining on a square that serves as the largest farmer's market in the country, I expect all of my food to taste like it came from them.

Madison Locals do not like chain restaurants. However, I think it will attract people. Like the folks I see every Saturday, walking a half a mile an hour, eating something with food coloring and a hairdo from 1987. But not the gray haired lady I see gardening in her linen pants at 6:30 AM, or the guy I see training his puppy to swim in the bay. You get the picture?

The service is always questionable when a place first opens up. After waiting for quite some time for the server to come to our table after our food was delivered, my dining partner asked her, "You busy?" in a nice, friendly manner. Her reply: "I, I .... I don't even know what's going on..." She was a nice gal who would serve herself better at a coffee shop as a hippie barista. Don't get me wrong, I didn't think she was bad. I think she was overwhelmed with the place being new.

Good Italian food is hard to come by in Madison. I am sticking to Lombardino's or the most romantic, cozy and tasty Italian place - Osteria Papevero.

My favorite part of "The Isthmus" is finding out the juice on the restaurants. Who is going out, who is coming in, what's good and what's bad.

Now - has anyone noticed that promising looking spot across from Marigold? It is going to be called "Merchant Market?" It looks like it will be an urban market with a wine bar and cocktails. Sounds good.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

La Fete de Marquette and More

**Non-Madison residents, Please e-mail me a photo of a bike rack near your home/work.

In the past few days, I was taking in some local stuff. As for the annual (I believe 52nd?) art fair, you definitely have to be in the mood for the crowd. I saw some nice artists - there's no way to avoid it when you have to walk from my home to the drug store to pick a prescription up.

I saw "Cyrus" at Sundance. Although not a very long movie, there was something "slow" about it. I like Jonah Hill a lot. There are plenty of men will you tell they like Marisa Tomei. A lot. However, real acting talent isn't challenged enough in this film. And the movie certainly had me thinking quite a bit about the capabilities of a child destroying a relationship between a parent and a lover. Does it really happen? Can it happen? My main thoughts were leaning towards a sense of relief.

I enjoyed a Burlesque show at the Majestic. Sorry - I didn't dress up in fishnets and such, but the sword swallower was very impressive. An entertaining night.

And with the overwhelming amount of things to do around here, I had to decide on one of three things at the end of Thursday: La Fete de Marquette, the community pool or a concert on the square. I chose La Fete, which included a free meal/beer for Willy Street Co-op members and a ride on the antique ferris wheel. On the top, you have nice views of our dome and the city skyline. What a gorgeous view it is. The one thing I will tell you about La Fete de Marquette is that I must have missed the memo about babies having to be carried in clothe carriers by your male partner (if your partner is male). Had I known, I probably would have bought one and put a fake baby in there with some dreads and a little scent of patchouli and called it a night.