Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Burpee Challenge

Ask me what day it is and I know. Because I challenged my immediate family to a burpee challenge. My middle sister who has a February birthday thought it would be a good idea to start it straight away. February, afterall is the shortest month.

A burpee is a decent exercise that involves a push-up and a squat thrust. The idea was one on the 1st, four on the 4th, you get the hint. So today is the 27th. And on day 11 I completely forgot to do them. So on day 12, I did 23. And on day 22 I only did  7. So guess what I did on day 23? 38! And my middle sister who had this great idea to start in in February quit on day 16. The rest of my family???? Crickets. Yes - I am talking to an echo in the room. And the echo is mine.

So here we are at the end of the month and Miss Janie is is RELIGIOUS with her burpees. Am I getting any satisfaction out of this? Well yes I am.

Moving on from the burpee challenge that only yours truly is sticking to, I decided to run in one race per month. I proudly came in second in my age group in my most recent race. This is not just about running. Because since I was 26 [and  Iam almost 29], I have run 6 days a week. But now, this is about running competitively.

So when the new year sprang, I chose to run fast in a race/month. And I am well on my way.

Not a PR but second in my age group at a 7:40 pace. Someone in my immediate family has to be talented in running. We just don't know who.

And the more I have given thought to my girlfriend Liz's blog comment, the more I have thought about the inspiration that is much needed.

Here is what I advise you do to get in shape:

Do you have a song that gets you moving?

You know that song that gets you out into a dance move??

Well, download that song. And think about other songs that do the same thing.

Now wake up in the morning and jog to those songs. Or run to them. Whatever you can do. Just go for 30 minutes. I don't care if you jog for 30 seconds and walk for 1 minute. Just keep going. Aerobic activity is all about moving to the music.

See if that helps. Give it a try. I want to inspire someone. Anyone! I am here for you. Although I do love running by myself and always have.

Here we are doing the Valentines Day 5K in the bitter cold Wisconsin weather.

Beazy on the sidelines waiting for her favorite runner to run by. Oops! She decided to chase after her when she saw her!

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