Monday, December 30, 2013

Going for Speed

I am no Shalane, Jeptoo, Kara or Kastor. Nor am I any sort of elite or paid athlete. But if I had the sponsors, time, training and coach - I would be very curious to try this. Even though I say I am still 29, I can qualify for the Masters in just over one year.

So I decided to do 12 races in 2013 - one for every month. And I started with the first day of 2013 in 7 degree weather, doing the New Years Day Dash. Now if I haven't told you, I am frightened of running on ice. I mean, who would want to break something and not be able to do any aerobic exercise? If you see me at work - I have worked out, so I think I would go nuts if I broke something. I don't know what I would do. So when there is ice - I am cautious and slow.

I PRed in a lot of races. I was second in my age group in the Frosty 5K at a 7:40 pace. I moved up from 49th to 39th in the Crazylegs Classic 8K in my age group, once again making it into the newspaper. I placed second place/female in the Plan B Fruit Loop (nobody came out - literally or figuratively, as it was crappy weather) at a 7:23 pace, and I placed 2nd place in my age group/gender in the UW Running Club's 15K. I did all sorts of runs - Medaled in the Honky Tonk, and even came out 14th out of 524 in my age/gender in the Cleveland Turkey Trot. So I feel that I need to go for speed now. And it's work but it's so incredibly gratifying and enjoyable to take it to the next step.

My first medal as 3rd place female in this race. I am the one in the hat....
I am now doing workouts most days. For those of you who are non-runners, a "workout" is more than junk miles. It's fartleks, tempos, speed, hills and more. I am actually (sigh) running outdoors in snowy conditions as well. I think I can go up to 30th in my age group in Crazylegs. So that's my goal. To move up another 9 spots. Wish me luck.
This all brings me back to the question I always ask. I pound the pavement/treadmill six days a week to do 4-10 miles. If I can do it (I mean - did you see me try to play a sport, people?!), what is stopping you? Why is this not a priority for you? Everyone should be able to run one mile. EVERYONE.
  Check out this article about this woman who is now 94. I mean - who wouldn't want this to be them?? Start now! I couldn't believe after living in Cleveland for over 20 years, I only saw ONE - yes ONE person I knew at the Turkey Trot. You think you're a runner? Start racing!
You all have untapped potential. Get going. See what you can do.  I just don't get how you can go through your day without running. I just simply do not get it. Tell me what's stopping you. I hope I can help! Feel free to private message me. I hope all of my friends can enjoy running as much as Tim and I do.
Having a little fun!
Crappy Weather - so what?!