Sunday, November 11, 2012

Say What, Fiscal Cliff?

In my attempt to stay completely in tune with current affairs, I have decided to blog about the fiscal cliff.

However, I want to first discuss some other issues. Like how we are now in puppy class with Beazy. And how much food I bought at the grocery store when my niece and nephew came over for a one night sleepover. See photo above. They spent the entire evening eating and playing video games. You know, Aunt Janie is sort of known for running a lot and eating little. But we had a great time. [Photos not included because I am anti posting photos of kids on the inter-webs]

We are very busy at our place staying home with the pooch. Which means I am now cooking dinner a lot. And as my old friend Allison used to say, I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I have become a really great cook. Known for baking from scratch, I have now added the following items to my regular menus:

Squash Gratin [in the oven right now]
French Onion Soup
Potato and Squash Casserole
Spanish Tortilla
All Risottos

And much more. Yes, I eat like a french lady. Because I want to be one. So e-mail me for any recipes. I am happy to share.

I do a lot of my shopping at the farmer's market. The rest is done with local purchases in mind. [Hello, this is Madison. Home of the liberal hippies].

So this fiscal cliff. What an election, huh? I was very busy watching sleeping for about 90 hours because I have been sick. So I had to glance on my phone in the morning to see who won. I was zonked.

But there is a lot of press on what will happen on January 1, 2013. So here is my take.

We have an ongoing deficit issue. This we know. The middle class has been paying these tax increases for way too long. So why do all these middle class people like a certain someone, I don't know? I don't get it. And the middle class  - well their [our] income has stagnated for some time. Spending cuts - defense/domestic spending, etc will do nothing to solve our budget problem.

Could we try out this whole "falling over the cliff?" Maybe see how it goes? Doesn't history say Clinton was one of the best presidents and W was one of the worst? Well then why not go back to taxes during the Clinton reign?

Congress wants to evaluate things that benefit the middle class and below. Take Medicare and Medicaid. What's going to happen when I am an old lady and need Social Security? Am I even going to have it? Again - why does the middle class like a certain someone/something?

Congress and the President need to come to an agreement with how to handle this upcoming change. Am I afraid of what's to come? Not at all. Because I trust that the President and Congress will come to terms with something that will not result in yet another 2001. He's cleaning up a mess. Not making a new one.

And here is an ADORABLE photo of Beazy. She is the best puppy you could get. I am not kidding around. Talk about a calm pup. If there is such a thing.

But I am not going to lie. I still miss my Scout.

Have a great night. Until next time.