Thursday, September 4, 2008


September 4, 2008

I am proud to say that upon arriving to Madison, I have not gone into a chain of any sort. (Is Planned Parenthood a chain?) This city fully supports the local businesses. While always trying to avoid chains and franchises, it was always difficult in other cities. 

Take the coffee selections, for example. In my new town, there are so many options, and so few Starbucks stores, that it is a no brainer to skip the whole "fancy, tall, skinny latte" experience, and give your money to a local owner. There are currently three coffee shops that I frequent regularly. The one I am currently sitting in sells wine, which I also love.  The great thing about selling wine, is that when I have a really stressful day, (and I do...), if the time is past noon, I can skip the whole coffee and start drinking wine, while sitting at my laptop. 

The Starbucks on State Street went out of business. (I know, I know, they closed 600 of their stores). I may have seen one Starbucks since I got to town. So, I guess what I am telling you is that Madison is moving in the right direction. 

The restaurants I have experienced are also tasty and "non-chainish." A lot of them get their food from the local farmers, so not only are they supporting the local economy, but the food is extra fresh. 

Another example of anti-globalization would be the little drug store I went to treat a massive hangover. Yes, the prices are a little steeper, but isn't everything pricier these days? So what's the difference, really? This cute "mom & pop" shop was packed with people, and the employees were so professional. They actually seemed happy to be working there. The card section was jammed, and everyone seemed to know each other. You just don't have these experiences in a Walgreens

It may be a little harder for you to find a ton of independently owned establishments, but I hope that I have convinced you that it is important. 


  1. Yay Janie! This is so important . And Barriques has the best coffee in town. They use Alterra coffee, which is roasted in Milwaukee.

  2. Hi Janie!! Its great to hear from you! I am enjoying reading about your life in Madison. Since becoming a mom I have become aware of a lot of things I never thought about before - buying locally is one of them. Take care!