Sunday, March 24, 2013

Racing Away

Do you know that I have never raced in a 10K? Don't be fooled. I have done a 26.2, 13.1, 10 miler, 5 miler, 8K and many 5Ks. But I have never raced in a 10K.

But after coming out of the 2012 Shamrock Shuffle with a nice PR, I decided to race in the 10K and not take it seriously for once. Sundays are also my one day off from running as I mention in every single blog. And this race happened to take place on a Sunday this year.

[Courtesy of MEG - they're coming after you, Marv!]
So Saturday was full of lots of running and drinking. Which means not preparing for any racing. But with the turn out they had again this year and the sun was out in the bitter cold below freezing temperatures, I was ready to go.

Observatory Hill multiple times in one race is simply no fun. However, I managed to do ok for the lack of "seriousness" I was taking for my March race and came out of the 10K race with sub eights.

The best part was celebrating at State Street Brats. I had never been there. I am sure it's because that place is generally filled with 21 year olds, but not on St. Patty's Day.

Next up is Crazy Legs. I managed to just make it into the newspaper last year for my age/time. I don't have a June race picked out yet if anyone has any suggestions.

Truthfully, this once a month race and accomplishing my burpee challenge is so anti-climactic. It would be one thing if anyone said to me:

"You know Janie, I read your blog and it inspired me to take control of my health."


"It's so great that while you have NO accountability partners, you did that whole burpee challenge while your loser sister [just joking, Leslie Su - I love you!] dropped out."

I follow through on my stuff. How about letting me know I have inspired you?! Am I talking to an empty room because the echo in here is scaring my dog!