Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Best Way to Judge a Person is By Their Feet (So Look Down)

In the past ten years, I would say there are a few women (whose opinions I happen to value) who have told me that you can judge a guy by his shoes. I never understood it, because, of course, I didn't pay enough attention to "modish" shoes, nor did I pay enough attention to any one's feet.

I remember interviewing someone when I worked in my HR related job. My boss told me after the candidate left, "Her suit was nice, but her shoes were inappropriate." Although you all know that I am image conscious and pay attention to fashion, I hadn't noticed this woman's "inappropriate" footwear. I just don't look down there. "I didn't see what she had on," I told my boss. "Oh, they were strappy, black, heels," she told me. Hmmm.... Maybe I should be paying better attention to what goes on below the waist, if you know what I mean.....

I always make sure to look nice before going out. I pluck my eyebrows, get them waxed, if need be, style my hair, apply make-up, shower sometimes twice a day, shave my legs on a daily basis (you never know when you are going to sport a skirt), keep my nails short and shapely, or if long, have a manicure, and so on. This morning, as I was blow drying my hair, I wondered what I would look like if I just "let myself go." If I just rolled out of bed - no workout, no weights, no hair styling, no make-up, no plucking. God, I don't want to think about it.

The reason I thought about this is because last night, I took off my socks, and was embarrassed for myself at how "untended to" my feet looked. They look worse than many due to weather and running. I hadn't polished the nails since October. "Oh My God. If someone was judging me by my feet, they would think I was a complete slob," I thought to myself. I grabbed the pumice stone, smoothed them out (like a baby's bottom), applied some lotion, manicured the nails, you get the hint. In the summer, I always make sure they are in tip top shape, but in the winter, I let them go. No more.

If someone is going to judge me from bottom up, I am going to make sure that everything is looking good. Why does this matter, if nobody sees your feet in the winter? I think it's a mental thing. You feel better. I have decided not to let any part of me go, regardless of the time of the year. (One of my friends who is a "shoe judge" is also disgusted by feet....)

Now think about how your feet look? And your shoes? I just looked down at mine. Although fashionable and almost knee high over my skinny jeans, they are salt drenched. I would never wear these out in Cleveland. They make me look like I don't maintain things - an impression I never wanted to give off as a real estate agent. (I am more about functionality in Madison).

And for the men's shoes - I have improved tremendously on what I find to be"acceptable." Especially now that I live in Madison. What I think is "cool" is my opinion, and you are entitled to your own taste. I like Converse, Skechers, and Diesel Paradis. Man Sandals are intolerable. As are any white shoes. Awful.

Keep in mind that while I may not be working my way from the bottom up, a lot of people are, so keep the feet area maintained to sustain your reputation....

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