Monday, July 27, 2009

Madison's Ridiculous Alcohol Sales

"Should I run out before 9:00 to get some wine?" I thought to myself between 7:33 and 8:15 PM this evening. Knowing I was going to have to do a little work on the laptop, I thought a glass of wine may be relaxing. So I put a sweatshirt on over my braless tank top and went across the street before the registers no longer allow you to purchase alcohol.

The first time I learned about this ridiculous law, (after all, this is Wisconsin... where I am pretty sure I am always in a conversation about who is a better drunk driver - don't worry - I don't drink and drive because I walk everywhere...) I learned the hard way. Having just moved down town, I invited my now boyfriend over. Well, actually, my girlfriend texted him the invitation. "Do you have beer?" he asked? "Of course!" I texted him back. I dashed into the shower, threw on some clothes and ran across the street, passing him on his bike along the way, as he was locking it up outside my lobby door. "Where are you going?" "Oh - I have to grab something at the store! Watch my dog!" I hand him my dog, and off I go running through the grocery across the street. "Where is your beer?!" I bark at the cashier. She says, "We don't sell beer after 9:00 PM." I am shocked. I had no idea. Distraught, I yell, "Where is your wine, then???!!!" She says, "Lady, we don't sell alcohol after 9 PM!" Crap - I told him I had beer....

I ran back out and he was standing, across the street, dog in hand, looking very confused. "What are you doing?" he asked me. " I just needed something, I told him. We go into my place and I tell him I must have run out and I offered him whatever alcohol I must have had at that moment. Maybe it was rubbing - I don't really remember.

Of all places, I cannot believe that there is this stupid law in Madison, where patients may very well have cheese curds and beer on an IV drip at the local hospital while watching a game of football.

So I figured tonight that I should just stock up in the event that I decide after 9:00 that I want a drink before bed time.

And if you do want a drink before bedtime and don't have anything, there is a lovely option: The neighborhood bar. My boyfriend and I live about a mile apart. Sometimes around 9:30, we decide to have a beer. He has his joint near his house and I have mine. They are cash only, regulars look like their asses have been on the bar stools since we left for work in the morning, and it is cheap. We are talking PBRs for $1.50. Sort of reminds me of those shady bars in Wooster.

Am I an alcoholic? No, sir. But I do like an occasional beverage like the person next to me. So when the stores don't sell after a rather early hour, I don't like that one bit. And if I am alone in my jammies, I don't feel like walking the one block to sit at the local pub with the inebriated regulars who are going to want to talk to me.

Maybe I should bite the bullet and buy a case of wine. That will do the trick. I also got cable back and started brewing my own coffee..... Is the cable worth it? Yes. But still no tv in the bedroom.....

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