Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Media and Madison

September 3, 2008

Well, it didn't take long for me to self promote, as I did in Cleveland. Upon my arrival, I attended a networking event at a bar/restaurant, where I "worked the room," hustling for connections. About a week after this affair, I was informed by several people in town that I made it into the online slide show from that evening. 

Last week, I watched Obama's speech at a local theater. Of course, the news was there, and I was asked to talk to Channel 7. They asked my opinion of his speech, and what I thought about him in general. I gave politically correct answers, so don't you worry. A few days later, I was again informed by several people in town that they had seen me on the news. 

One of the other news stations was there, and their news anchor was working hard to get his segment on. As he walked out of the theater, he was informed by his producers that they were not going to air his piece. He was livid. I was dared to approach him and talk him down from his temper tantrum, which, of course, I did. My witnesses told me that it appeared as if I had freaked him out a bit. 

Now, I just need some national publicity, which reminds me - I may be in tonight's episode of "Dinner Impossible" on the Food Network, airing at 10 PM, EST. 


  1. Look at you being all "tv celebrity"! I love that you've already made your mark in Madison after being there for such a short time. I'm so proud! I'll try and look for you on the Food Network tonight!

  2. We totally saw you in the eating crowd on HGTV. We also saw David Rosenberg. He was sitting pretty close to you.