Sunday, January 3, 2010

Best of 2009; Postings

I am finally full of ideas to blog about. I said in my last blog that I would review my favorite ones from 2009, so here goes.

I feel compelled to refer to the postings that were featured on Brazencareerist. Those are the ones where my fellow blogging companions felt the need to bash or completely support my "Janieisms".

Starting with "Everyone Needs Good Therapy. As usual some of the blogging community blasted me. One blogger wrote, "I am reluctant to take the advice of anyone who labels themselves as an armchair psychologist simply due to the fact that it implies that he/she believes he/she knows the cause and cure to everyone else's problems. That kind of arrogance is rarely correct". I never defend myself with these comments. Nor do I take it personally at all. I still think everyone should try therapy out. I have noticed a significant difference in people (myself included) who have been in therapy. Ok, so maybe not everyone needs therapy. Almost everyone.

"A Definition of My Generation" was also featured on Brazen and I think upset some of my peers. My favorite comment was the one where the author, referring to a photo of me with the back pack asked "Where's all the back packing taking place, by the way?" My point is just that our generation thinks we are so special while boasting about our intellect and sustainable lifestyle. Which is great. But not unique.

My Favorite 2009 Posting - the one where I actually received a few phone calls - was the "Dating is Complicated and Irony was Last Week's Theme". Sometimes I think it's not fair how hard I work on my relationships. As I walked over to the coffee shop to write this, I thought about how I exhaust my boyfriend with questions regarding his feelings. Around the clock. Day in and day out. I wish I could say more - really everything. But I am realizing that he is finally starting to read this. He the introvert. And me the extrovert.

He angers me and I tell him right then and there. I lay into him. All of my issues with him come pouring out, igniting a bomb. And then I storm out. Yes, dating is complicated. Since that posting, I ran into my "missed connections" a bunch of times. We spoke at length. There was a period where we were running into each other all of the time. I haven't seen him in months, though. I was just asked out at the airport. And while traveling. Each time, telling them that I am in a relationship. But each time, I still feel these men give me more credit than my boyfriend. So that has not changed.

Onwards. My favorite postings; ones where people slam me. Each one is a lesson learned.

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