Sunday, June 21, 2009

Visiting the Wisconsin State Parks

Why didn't I move here sooner? I keep asking myself this question since the weather broke. We are now outside 95% of the time.

Explaining the lifestyle to a co-worker before I moved here, I said, "People eat breakfast outside. They just do everything outdoors." I figured that was a good way to describe it - it sort of sums up the whole package. She couldn't believe it. And yesterday, when I was hiking in one of the typically busy state parks, I said to my hiking partner, "This reminds me of this one place I took my dog to in Ohio. And I never saw another person." "Yeah, right!", my partner said to me in disbelief.

So I bought the state pass for the parks and recreation areas in April. For $25, you attach it to your windshield and you can go to any of the parks throughout the state for free. Otherwise, I think it's about $7.00 a day for an in-state license. You figure if you go more than four times, it is worth it. Well, I have already gone three times and I am camping next weekend, so I will break even.

Don't forget in Wisconsin, you do use these year round. I like to cross country ski. And I spent money at the parks this winter to do that. I think there are around 60 park and recreation areas you can frequent around the state.

In one of my first postings, I mentioned Devils Lake - a very popular hiking and camping destination in Wisconsin. Since I wrote that post last September, I can't tell you how many times I have been there. A lot. Yesterday, I went to Governor Dodge in Dodgeville. That was my first time there. I would say the main difference between Devils Lake and Governor Dodge is that GD has rolling hills and looks much more rural when you drive in. Devils Lake feels like it will swallow you. Maybe this is my personal opinion. I think Devil's Door has something to do with that feeling. The hike in Governor Dodge consisted of waterfalls, a spring, a marshy area, a very steep muddy path, and tons and tons of nature. We saw a snake, turtles, frogs and more. The best part of all of my hikes is when I see that I have exhausted my dog.

I have always loved reading a lot in the summer, specifically outside, ever since I learned how to read. In Madison, there is so much more to do than just read outside. You just do everything out here. In fact, I am currently sitting outside of my favorite coffee shop with my canine. And next week, I will be sleeping outside.

Have a great week!

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