Thursday, June 25, 2009

I was the Victim of a Crime; Funky Week

In Boston, my tires were slashed twice in about two weeks. I was devastated. And pissed. And very, very hurt. And completely pissed at the person (whoever they were) who did it. I am pretty sure I wished them some horrible things.

And this week, I stopped home after I had been in my office for a few hours to run my dog out because I was leaving for Eau Claire for a work trip. I had just picked up the rental car. For whatever reason, I decided to walk through my garage back into the condo, instead of walking through the lobby. And that is when I discovered shattered glass next to the front passenger window. And I knew. My valuables were gone. I couldn't look.

And the more I thought about everything that the thief took, the more I didn't want to think about it. By the way, I saw the thief. And I live in a secure garage which requires a key card and is equipped with cameras. Gone - my purse, my work laptop, an expense report, a Tiffany ring, wallet, cash, GPS, and more.

Am I pissed? Not really. I cried. It was a very unfortunate situation. I feel horrible about the work items, specifically the laptop. I am not happy that someone has my identity. Yes, I have to buy a new GPS. I have to buy a new cell phone charger. I can't replace the cash. I have to go to the DMV. My key to my car is gone. And it is chipped. So I have to have it towed. My day consisted from that moment on of calling the banks, walking to my branch, getting my stolen pills from the doctor, calling my insurance agent, talking to my boss, calling a tow place, calling a volunteer from work whose credit card number was written in a notebook that is gone, talking to the car rental place, talking to my national office, canceling cards, changing passwords. But I'm not mad. I am not even mad at the thief, who I looked at in the eye as he was looking over a convertible in our secure garage. Maybe he's the victim of this recession.

And the police reassured me that these people typically take the items and pawn them. He said that my identity is not something to worry about. Even the GPS, which has all of the places I have driven to - he said not to worry. The bank seemed to agree.

This week has been so bizarre. I try not to think about the impact this guy has had on me. Like how I had to leave in the middle of work to do a car swap since I am unable to drive my car. Since he took my car key. And I was in the middle of a timely project. Or how I spent about six hours on the phone with the computer helpdesk, trying to get the programs working. Because I have to use an old desk top. And I have to go to my least favorite place - the DMV. Again. And there's more. But I'm not going to complain.

Although this happened - there are too many positives. Specifically the fact that it was just valuables that were taken and that nobody was hurt. The barista gave me a free drink. My bank assisted me immediately. So did my property manager. And the doctor's office. No lines. No waiting. That is what you get in Madison, Wisconsin.

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