Sunday, June 28, 2009

Utilizing the City and the Sorrounding Areas

This weekend, I camped out at Nelson Dewey State Park and now I know why few people around here seem familiar with it. As I mentioned before, for $25, I can use any of the state parks for a year. You do still have to rent the camp site. I am happy that I have now surpassed breaking even and the $25 is so worth it.

Why don't more people know about Nelson Dewey in Cassville? My guess is because it is the tiniest state park I have ever been in. The longest trail is only .6 miles! But do I recommend it? Yes. Mainly because our campsite was gorgeous. Overlooking the Mississippi and bluff tops, birds migrate here, allowing you to see various kinds flying over the tree tops. I wish I had taken a photo to show you. Too bad.

Because I thought we would be doing some two-three hour hike, I dressed appropriately, and thank God I did because it was very hot and humid upon our arrival. After setting up the site, it was dinner time and the evening consisted of beers and veggie dogs. It was pretty quiet minus the trains passing by, which you can certainly hear but you can't see them. I wonder if you can see it in the fall/winter? I slept really well for camping and only suffered from a few bug bites. I wore deet and made sure the tent was sealed tightly.

My dog was on the loose most of the time, but naturally, stayed very close. She is soooo sleepy now. Upon arriving back at home, she went to sleep immediately.

The ride out there was pleasant (besides the arguing to slow down because my car doesn't handle well on the 90 degree turns). You take windy, country roads and we drove through this town called Potosi, where we stopped for lunch on the way back to Madison. Potosi Brewing Company is a restaurant and brewery with a pretty patio overlooking the country road. I was able to bring my tired dog to the patio while we ate. I can't say the food was anything spectacular, but I did order a Belgian lager that was pretty good. And, the view was worth it. It was a very relaxing afternoon. You are pretty much in the middle of nowhere (the sign says "Population 711").

I also had the pleasure of experiencing my first concert on the square and I loved it. I have been forewarned that attendees start saving their spots on the lawn around lunch time. Because there were rumors of it being cancelled due to thunderstorms, the call was not made until 3 PM, allowing me to reserve a spot after work. It was so simple! I got home, walked my dog the two blocks to the square, put our blanket down, went to get some groceries, made a spread, and got there with some time to veg and relax. The opening song was the William Tell Overture by Rossini. (You all know it -the horse racing song). They also played some other pieces I knew including Rodgers & Hammerstein. Alcohol is allowed at these concerts (after all, it is Wisconsin), and you better believe every person there had wine or beer.

There is something so fabulous about being able to walk two blocks after work, lying on a blanket, having dinner & drinks, while listening to the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra. I am definitely plan on going again this Wednesday for the "Celebrate America" venue.

So let's see - now there's farmer's market Saturdays and concert Wednesdays. And as for the camping, perhaps again in July. But this time, a new place.

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