Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Madison's Style Can Take on a Prepper

I think I have gone from 50% prep to 50% hipster in ten months time. I have succumb to the "look" I am always talking about. No more heels. No more red lipstick. And no more diamonds for me.

When I asked where all the girls who "dress up" are in Madison, I was told a couple of locations. But, "dressing up" has a new meaning to me. My favorite outfit is now a cotton shirt/dress from American Apparel with a pair of black leggings and black flats and I wear it every chance I get. It is comfy and sexy at the same time. I can dress it up with a scarf, too - another hipster look.

I recall back at the end of the summer in '08, reading an article about how scarves are now an accessory not necessarily for keeping someone warm. And at the outdoor farmer's market, a lot of the girls are wearing them. They look fantastic. Before, I would have thought if they weren't wearing tight Seven jeans and a flashy top, that they weren't dressed up. It's amazing how Madison can wear on you. A girl who wears leggings and a long cotton shirt on a bicycle with her hair pulled back and a cotton headband now appears sexy to me.

On the same note, when I first moved here, I complained that there were no attractive men in Madison. Ten months later, and I swear every man is attractive. And in amazing shape.

Now, the coasties are another story. These are the girls who probably think how I thought ten months ago. They wear the outfits I referred to back in October - sometimes we refer to them as the "Sidneys," among other names - you know, the girls who all look exactly the same. Dress the same. Same hair (like mine). Same cell phones. Same problems (some type of eating disorder). They don't live in Madison, mind you - they are students. In fact, they are leaving in about a week, so no more viewings at 11 AM at the bagel store - sorry boys! And I am sure the coasties think that those girls who wear the scarves and the flats are crazy. They should be showing off every inch of skin and wearing heels to make them longer and thinner looking.

I have no idea how I went from that view to my new one. It's an evolution of being bit by the Madison bug. I think if you like it here enough, it will get you. Plus, the malls here depress me. Actually, I have only been to one and I like to be outside, even when it's cold out. So I won't be buying a new wardrobe. I will have to recycle the few "hipster" clothes I have.

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