Thursday, January 5, 2012

Still Unmotivated?

So I recently blogged about my life with running and nobody commented. I told you my weight. I told you how easy it is to get there. My dad told me [via phone] that he ran one summer and hit the “runner’s high.” My sister texted me that I should do some Central Park run [maybe the one on New Year’s Eve?]

But I am going to break it down, now people. Has anyone read that post or read my posts on exercise been inspired to do anything about it?

I have always noticed that the first week of January, the workout room is way more packed than usual. By the third week, it’s back to all the regulars.

After I wrote the last posting, I managed to do my daily four miles at a 7:07 pace. I am hoping this will move me up in my age range in whatever race I do next – which will probably be the Shamrock Shuffle. This is because I am a wreck on the ice and would prefer not to race in it. The ice slows you down. I am thinking St.Patty’s Day should be warm enough. Besides, if you are into meteorology, Madison has had almost no snow this season. None. Notta. No cross country skiing for me. It’s the oddest thing.

I am going to try to help you if I can. Because I think it is so easy to wake up and hit the pavement, I am going to list problems that you may be having that can be actually cured by this thing I am doing [called running].

1) Are you able to turn off the water and save some energy when you shower? If you answered “No because I am too cold,” this is because you do not work out in the morning.
2) Are you freezing when you walk to the car/bus/train? If so, it’s because you do not work out in the morning.
3) Are you exhausted all of the time and feel the need for a nap? If you answered “yes,” it is because you do not exercise. [Or you are pregnant, are anemic, have sleep apnea or are depressed – many of which can be treated with exercise- except pregnancy.]
4) Are you down about your weight? It may be because you do not exercise.
5) Are you worried about not being there for your children? Workout.
6) Low self-esteem?

You get the picture. If I have motivated you, please feel free to comment. If you are wanting to workout, but can't, feel free to e-mail me. I am happy to help.

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