Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What Are You Doing to Conserve Energy?

I was in the shower last week when I read the side of my conditioner bottle. It said something like: “Please consider turning off the water while you condition your hair.” So, I thought about this. This is something I never thought to do before. I mentioned it to my boyfriend, Chris. He said he’s heard of it. So I said, “I am going to try it. I am going to turn off my water while I wash my hair and condition it. You don’t really need all that water.”

Today was the third morning in a row where I turned off my shower while lathering, shampooing, conditioning and shaving. And, I feel really good about it.

It’s the little stuff that makes life exciting.

I am conscious of turning off the water while scrubbing my hands, brushing my teeth and now, showering.

Tell me what you are doing to save money and the environment. And also – I challenge all of my readers. Please, please if just one of you tells me that you tried turning off the water in your shower while you washed your hair, you will make my week.

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  1. I turn off the water for everything you mentioned except the shower. I don't think I can do that. For one, I'm so cold (we have no heat in the bathroom except for floor heat which we never turn on) when I shower I like the hot water on me while I wash my hair. Also, while the conditioner (I don't use shampoo) is sitting in my hair, I wash my body. So I'm never just standing around in the shower. No time for that when you wake up 30 minutes before you need to leave for work. I do make everyone in the family recycle everything we can, including toilet paper rolls, which Ray finds highly annoying.