Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snoop Dogg in Madison

We had the "blizzard of 2011" and Snoop Dogg performed that night. The storm picked up around 5 PM on Tuesday, February 1st and by the time I woke up in the morning, the snow had stopped but there was a lot of it.

Walking to the show at the Orpheum, I knew it was not canceled and I was as excited as a kid in a candy store (no exageration). It was breezy, windy and snowy, but a short walk for me.

The show was scheduled to start at 8 PM. Christopher and I went to dinner next door at the Icon. We claimed our seats after dinner and had a beer. These weird dudes came out around 9 or so and sang a few songs, mostly about Madison. One of the guys didn't rap at all. He just walked around the stage and drank a beer. The other two did all the rapping. I am unclear on who the third dude was and why he was up on the stage at all.

Security was busy escorting drunks out and kicking people out of the aisles like they always do. While the marajuana smoke was thick, it is never addressed.

Back in the bathroom line for the second time, rumors were flying. Perhaps Warren G would make a guest appearance (that was my annoncement) while other people were trying to figure out where Snoop was and why it was taking so long. He might not come out until 11:30, said one girl.

While everyone waited for Snoop back up in the theater, Snoop videos were playing and people "booed" in between each song, disappointed that Snoop wasn't coming out. Finally, his emcee guy announced that Snoop was coming out any minute. "He's just finishing a blunt back stage."

Snoop came out in his hoodie and long hair and here's what he did, if I can recall names of songs:

Gin and Juice (very exciting!)
187 (I think)
That's That (I think)
Drop It Like It's Hot
I wanna Love You (I was so excited. I love AKON. However, he switched gears right in that verse about the pole dancing and he's watching, "bird eye view"....)
Sexual Eruption (Also very excited when this came on. He sernaded some girls from the audience who have Snoop tatoos)
Regulator (Warren G made his surprise guest appearance! I was right! The rumor I spread in the bathroom was true. Ironically, I had seen Warren G live at the Majestic in '09).
Jump Around
What's My Name

That's all I can remember. I will try to get some photos from my phone on here. It was a great show. He was only up there for an hour.

Madison is not known for being very diverse and I would say caucasians made up about 90% of the crowd. It was a sold out show and even with the blizzard, it was full. I heard some people got hotels near by.

I forgot my camera when I explored the aftermath of the 2011 blizzard the next day, but it's nothing you haven't all seen on your friend's facebook statuses, the national news, or your newspapers. It was a beautiful, sunny day with very deep snow. And it couldn't have worked out more perfectly. Because I got to sleep in and have a snow day after the S-N-double-O-P show.


  1. I meant to ask you about the show. Sounds like it was great! After standing in line to get in a concert (Thom Yorke) for a few hours, and then being pushed around in the venue that had no seats, Ray and I realized we are too old for even medium sized venue concerts!

  2. It was really fun. You probably would have enjoyed it. We had seats, so we weren't pushed around.