Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Rich Weekend in Madison

I am so thankful for the concept of blogging. As a person who likes to talk, this has really worked out for me. I enjoyed hearing from friends who voiced their opinion on my last post and I plan to write about it again. The feminist movement still has a lot of growing to do.

I was thrilled this morning when I was thinking about the rich life that Madison has given me. As the weekend warmed up (you know, close to thirty degrees is warm), I was excited to spend my time outdoors. Wanting to stick to my "to do" list, I went cross country skiing yesterday (not a candlelight, but still - we finally have the powder I was asking for). While the Northeast has been slammed with more powdery stuff than they know what to do with, it seems like all we get is an inch of accumulation here and there.

Now, the excitement is that almost the entire country is going to be affected by this big storm coming this week. I am hoping for a blizzard. I just love it!

Anyways - I digress. As I was saying, Madison has offered me this rich life. I feel lucky to be able to have such a healthy, culturally enriching and active lifestyle in this little bubble.

An easy loop of cross country skiing was preceded with a nice trip to the dog park. The plan is to go again next Saturday, weather permitting. Madison has a lot of cross country skiing locations.

Today was another trip out to the dog park and a walk up and down the pedestrian only State Street. Here are my favorite shops in no particular order:

Pop Deluxe
Tellus Mater
Madison Sole (got the cutest bag there today)
Little Luxuries

State Street is two blocks from me. While I walk the dog up and down the street there about once a week, I never take myself (alone). The above mentioned stores are all local and therefore, we are keeping the dollar in our own community, people. (And why are you still shopping at Walmart? Oh right, so you can keep your neighbor's stores out of business and send your dollar overseas).

Anyways - enough about that.

The semi-annual Restaurant Week debuted last week. This was the fifth restaurant week since I have moved here and I have attended five times (shocker). For twenty-five dollars, you can do a prix-fixed, three course meal. We went back to Lombardino's (I can check that off my list) and were not disappointed. When I tell you that every meal I have had at restaurant week is out of this world, I am not lying. FYI - the majority of the restaurants have vegetarian options, besides the obvious steak/seafood places. Rich and thick butternut squash soup, truffled trumpet mushrooms with polenta and flourless chocolate cake topped off with a few glasses of red wine. It was fun and deliciously splendid. (p.s. - anything "truffled" is amazing).

I happen to make a pretty good flourless chocolate cake. And while I enjoyed theirs, I will have to post my recipe. Mine is less bitter and more rich.

There is never a dull moment or a lull in things to do around here. I am praying for a big blizzard with photos! We shall see.........

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  1. Nice skiis! Don't they belong to me? I was wondering what happened to them...