Sunday, January 16, 2011

Eating Right

After my experimenting, I know that I can (thank God) eat my much loved dairy. However dull veganism sounds to people who are carnivores, to vegetarians, it sounds manageable. And truthfully, it was. Especially in a town like Madison where I was able to find vegan food at the grocery stores I frequent and the restaurant selections, too.

I was hoping to check out The Green Owl Cafe, and I was happy to go there while eliminating dairy. The vegan chocolate cake was the highlight of my dining experience there. Although, the entree was tasty, as well. My vegan dish resembled an eggplant cutlet (yum) and I don't like eating lots of fake meat. The sides (green beans and potatoes) were fresh and real.

Speaking of fake meat, I HATE fake food and learned that any fake food I eat irritates my stomach. Fake food is any product you see at the grocery store that has a million ingredients including (but not limited to): artificial flavors, dextrin, bleached noodles (ie "enriched macaroni), partially hydrogenated soybean oil (ie - you are eating food that has hydrogen added to it so it can sit on the shelf for a long ass time), ammonium sulfate, and any word that you are unable to pronounce. The general rule is if you cannot pronounce it, do not eat it.

A lot of these chemicals have been found to cause heart disease and cancer, among many other health conditions.

The best thing to remember to feel good and stay healthy is to eat how they did in the olden days. Basic fruits, grains and vegetables. For those who claim that "it's cheaper to buy those hamburger helper type of items," I would say, if you eat a lot of that garbage, it's going to cost you your health. I would rather stick around for awhile.

While working on my Madison list of "to dos" I have gone to Plan B and went to the farm in Spring Green, but we have not had the appropriate powdery snow for cross country skiing or snow shoeing. Walking and hiking has been all I have been able to do this winter. I am disappointed in our lack of heavy snowfall. We are historically behind. I am hoping for some tomorrow to help this situation, enabling me to get some cross country skiing in. And next week is the start of restaurant week.

Do I see some snow and Lombardino's in my future?

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