Sunday, June 20, 2010

Plan B (Not the Birth Control)

Summer still has not officially started. For those "downers" who like to say a month from today that it is the "end of the summer," try to reevaluate the "half full" theory. Tomorrow is the summer solstice. And tomorrow is June 21st. Fall equinox is September 22nd. Keep that in mind the next time you try to say that it is the "end" of summer two months out.

This weekend in Madison, I enjoyed watching a little bit of the "Annual Pirate Days" on Lake Mendota. I sat at the Memorial Union at UW which overlooks Lake Mendota. The place was crowded with all ages of people drinking beer, working on their laptops, eating ice cream and spectating the Hoofers Sailing Club event. (I hardly watched. I was flapping my gums a little).

I ventured over to the inaugural "Fruitfest" hosted by - Plan B. I mentioned it in a blog posting from December. My friends know I love to go dancing. The "clubbing" venue is slim around here, although there are a few. I love Plan B. If I was able to psych myself up to do it every weekend, I would. But I manage to get there about once a month.

"Fruitfest" was an all-day block party hosted by Plan B with some vendors, beer, and drag queen performances. (See photo). Once the block party ended, we went in the club for some all night dancing. This is a LGBTG club. I am straight and I do very occasionally get hit on. I don't care one way or the other. It's all good and fun. Straight men and women go there as well (obviously).

It's what you would expect: dance music, grinding and the likes. The bartenders are dressed quite skimpily. On Saturday nights, it is always jam packed. The drinks are completely reasonable. I am happy to open a tab and I have never had a pricey bar tab at the end of the evening.

But let me warn you, the next day usually results in a headache and some "oh my Gods." I can't wait to do it again next weekend.

Now - here is a homework assignment:

I would like to gather photos of bike racks in other cities. Can you please e-mail me the first bike rack you approach? I am going to do a posting on it in July. Please e-mail photos by June 30th. Thanks in advance!

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