Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Summer Weekend in Madison

Technically, summer has not yet started. But the weather is right and the kids are wrapping up with school. The days are long. And the pool has opened.

Last week, I blogged about Ride the Drive. I am scared of biking. (Yes I admit it. Actually, I am traumatized and have a fear of being hit by a car). I chose to do it on foot with my dog. And, it's no surprise that the event was a huge success. The six mile loop was blocked off from traffic and people of all ages biked, walked, skated and ran through the city streets. I wish I had brought my camera. If I am going to describe the successful venues around Madison, it is time to start proving it.

Two problems. Actually three.

1)If you are a runner, then you understand that it is an inconvenience to run with anything. Let alone a camera.

2) My camera is an antique. It should be collecting social security. (Oh - and I am a horrible photographer).

3) Since I was about 18, I was always avoiding looking like a "tourist." Even in my own city. So the camera doesn't help.

Anyway, I did take photographs and it worked out well.

You can see the amount of bikers in town, based on the bike rack I photographed. You know how I always praise Madison for being "biker friendly?" This is any given rack around town.

I attended the annual Marquette Waterfront Festival in Madison. I blogged about it last summer. An outdoor music festival brings a melting pot of people together. While Madison is not the most diverse city, this is one place where it appears slightly diverse. The photo of the tables and tents was taken there - along the shore of Lake Monona. The "Dime a Dozen" photo shows some dread headed hippies, watching "The Handphibians" - the Brazilian-style percussionists. (These spectators are a "dime in dozen around here.) You get the scent of patchouli, bad body odor and lots of kids with two moms/two dads. Nothing wrong with that. I heart Madison!

I visited New Glarus, home of the world famous, "Spotted Cow" beer. My mom finally likes drinking due to this tasty brew. New Glarus is also known as "Little Switzerland." Everything there is pronounced like "Scnitzelheinen this" and "Schtuberazian that" (I totally made that up).

After co-hosting a party involving karaoke, I finally did my solo act of Frank Sinatra's, "The Lady is a Tramp." I worked the stage and hammed it up a bit. I only have about four songs I can do. So if I ever get a second job as a lounge singer, you'll be hearing four songs over and over again. We also did "Janie's Got a Gun." How come people still tell me they have never heard of my name before? Do they know who Aerosmith is?

It was an event filled weekend. The market is my weekly ritual (see photos) and they had emergency vehicles on the square yesterday for demos. The kids could see the sheriff's car, fire trucks, police dogs and the likes.

Who knows what's happening next weekend in Madison, but I am sure it will be festive.

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