Sunday, December 6, 2009

Madison; Population What?

How can it be that in a town of 225,000 people, everywhere I go is packed with people? I first pointed this out the first weekend of November. When we went to the last outdoor farmers market, the Environmental Film Festival and a pizza place all in one day - and every place was crowded. It was a beautiful day. And even though it was gorgeous weather ad everyone was outside, I couldn't believe how many people (like us) decided to spend an hour and a half indoors at a movie. The Festival was free - so that does explain a lot. (Everyone is happy to take advantage of free entertainment these days).

Since then - everywhere I go, I observe crowds of people. Plan B. Warren G. State Street. Barriques. The Coop (also known as the Willy Street Co-op). Breakfast places. Movies. Parks. My God, I went to the dog park, out in the country, and people were parking on the lawn, due to lack of parking. I went into Marigold for their Sunday breakfast (they recently started serving brunch on Sundays) and the line was out the door!

You would think that this wouldn't be the case in a gloomy recession.

Let me tell you about Plan B - not the birth control - Madison's latest night club. An LGSBT friendly dance club recently opened up on Willy Street. Positive reviews are circulating the neighborhood. It is one of the few "dance clubs" in town. After a lovely Christmas party, we ventured over there last night. We were an eclectic group, ourselves: Myself (a young, self proclaimed "agnostic" and the reason I do not blog about that is because it would upset one of my parents. Not my Dad) wearing the legging/mini skirt/ugg look, (picture little Jewish girl. Or coastie) My overachiever/workaholic/highly hilarious girlfriend (Think Miranda) Her boss - a wildly intelligent/fun loving/divorcee and our other girlfriend - a very Catholic/extremely conservative/red wine drinker. Here we are - age range is probably 47-29 and we had a BLAST. We danced the night away and the place, well it was packed.

The commerce is something to be desired by many other cities. I could imagine many other places are itching for the business that is done in this small town. You do have to figure that some of these populated areas include college students, post docs and the like, not counting as residents.

And why haven't I been blogging more? I am getting stuck in crowds of people attempting to do my holiday shopping. Which isn't working at all. So I decided to take it to cyber space. Which takes as much time. Because you have to read all of the reviews.

Goal for 2010: Take the blog to the next level!

Next Posting: A sad good-bye I had on Friday December, 4th.

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