Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Routines & The Looking Glass Self

As of lately, I find myself joking about people who are "anal" and who have a routine. Perhaps I fall victim to this. I often refer to the "Looking Glass Self" - a sociology term I learned in college. I define this by saying that you see yourself the way others see you. In turn, you behave a certain way, believing that people do see you under this light.

In turn, I am told that I am the one with the routine. What?! Me? Everyone who knows me, including my colleagues and any guy I have ever gone on one date with will say I am "ditsy" and sort of "all over the place." At least this is how I see myself.

This brings up the looking glass self argument. One of the first times I went out with my boyfriend, when we were just friends (that lasted all of a few hours) - I asked him (you know me, the thinker) "How do you see me?" And he gave me this pretty close description of how I would describe myself. And I thought, "Ok - he totally gets me." Just to elaborate on that point - On Sunday night, we were making dinner. I said to him:

"So, this was a really great weekend. I really had a nice time with you. Did you have a good weekend?"

He says, "Yeah. It was fun. On a scale of one-ten, how would you rate it?"

I said, "Hmm..... a seven or eight? It wasn't a ten because..."

He says, "I know. Let me guess. A ten would have involved doing something outside with your dog and then having brunch at Marigold. "

And I thought to myself, "He gets me. He totally gets me." And the funny thing is - he did want to do something outside with the dog on Saturday. And we did plan on going to Marigold. I was tired of doing outdoor dog hikes. My dog went about seven days in a row with trips to the park. I needed the break from it. And, when we walked out the door to go to Marigold, we both wanted Mediterranean food. So, he gets me. And we would have done what he thought was a "ten." I just wanted something different. Or should I say we both wanted something different, so I don't gloss over him in the details....

Now, a ten would have been a crazy and wild night out. Because I love those. Especially when it is nice out. I got pretty close to that, though. All in all, the weekend was good.

On to my routine business. I think it's laughable that anyone would accuse me of having a routine because, I am not always paying attention to details and I am flexible. If you tell me that we are going to Chicago instead of Milwaukee in a moment's notice, I don't care. So, to say I have routines is ironic. But I do.

After work today, my boyfriend (see honey - I don't gloss over you) and I went to a dog park that I had never been to. I was planning on going to the usual one, when he suggested we go to a different one. We had a great time, my dog ran like crazy and everyone was friendly. I was so hungry for a piece of pizza by the end of our dog park trip. I suggested we go for a pizza. We stopped at this family run place that I had never been to. As we were eating, I said, "I bet next Wednesday, you will text me during work and we will plan to go to the same dog park. Then, we will stop here on our way home. " He didn't agree. So we will see.

On the same note, two Thursdays ago, I was working late. A friend texted me to go out for drinks. We agreed to meet around nine for delicious cocktails at this awesome bar. I had a fantastic time. The following Thursday, I just assumed we would do it again.

Now, here comes the fabulous outdoor farmer's market. And it is just a given that I am there. And, my other "routineish" problem is my running. My boyfriend makes fun of me because I have to run before I go to work. I do have my running routine. I won't argue that.

Oh, and then there is Sunday. I am infamous in the family for having my "day off from running on Sunday." That is a routine as well. I guess. For being so flighty, I am into my routines.

I will wrap up with some "routine-like" examples:

-One Saturday, I went to my aunt and uncle's farmhouse for the night and so I did it the following weekend. I had to end the visit with a breakfast at this excellent general store both times.

-One Wednesday, my boyfriend and I babysat for my nephew. We picked up a pizza to have for dinner. We did the same thing a few Wednesdays ago. (Add a niece into the equation. And a pizza)

-Friday afternoons, you will always find me at the dog park with a beer. Regardless of the weather.

-Tuesday mornings, you will find me at Barriques.

-I almost always leave my house at 8:10 AM for work.

-Sunday mornings, I like walking my dog to Barriques and tying her up while I get my coffee. Then, I walk around the square. I usually follow this up with a trip to Mother Fools, aka Mother Freaks.

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