Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rejuvenate with the Juicer!

Well it is official. I am in love. I am totally head over heals. Obsessed. If I have not made it clear enough to you since the start of this whole blog thing - I love to be healthy. And I am in love with my juicer. I don't know what it is about it but it's just so fun. I think it combines my passions which are cooking/baking in the kitchen with my other passion of being healthy.

You can just throw together anything you want - kale, apples, lemons, cucumbers, spinach, romaine - really you name it - and drink it up!

Here is what I experimented with yesterday:

[I always have to have a lot of ice water after I run. And yes - that is my bathroom. I drink while getting rid of my Jew fro luscious curls so I can look like a WASP coastie. ]
This drink consisted of spinach, romaine, green apple, celery stalks, lemon and cucumber. I can't wait to force this drink into the mouths of little children. I also included the leftovers from yesterday's juice that didn't get juiced.
Today I did a complete fruit juice. Raspberries, green apple, clementine, lemon, and pear all juiced and delicious. I would leave out the lemon next time because it was rather tart.
If you look closely you can see yours truly in her bathrobe photographing the juice. Yes - I wear a bright red robe.
Tomorrow my sister LW and her son JP are flying into town. I have been talking this up to her all week long so we're going to experiment and launch a new blog called "Sister Juices." It's going to be like "Sister Wives," Only we won't be sharing a husband. Just some juicing recipes. Ok - so maybe we aren't launching a new concept together, but we will be juicing the hell out of my juicer.
Upon her arrival, I will be launching a real concept to her and my other sister, E & our dad, Bob who my friends in town think looks just like Paul Simon. Sorry, Dad but you do NOT look like Paul Newman. As much as you think you do.
Here is my dad and here is Paul Simon:
Bob and his girlfriends....
Paul Simon. Or is it Bob??!
Regardless, I think Paul Simon is more likely to take me up on my burpee challenge and my random juices.
Here's to hoping my next post is about the burpee challenge amongst my immediate family members....
Cheers! [Sound of spinach/cucumber/kale/kiwi drink clinking glasses].

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