Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cash Rules Everything Around Me!

This Wyclef song was a very big hit back in 2008. That was the year I decided that Janie needed to move to Madison.

I'm a tell you
Like you told me
Cash rules everything around me
Singing dollar bill y'all

So the chorus goes.......

It's a sad song. And so was the weekend that I decided to move. Not because moving was sad. But because staying was not an option. So when this song blasted in my friend's car as we visited the College, I knew I was young and needed to live it up. And I wasn't.  It took me a very long time to get over the whole college thing. I was still having dreams I was there not long ago. And I was given a "redo." You know - a "do-over?" Well - forget it.

Because I would much rather be where I am now. Leaving work and taking off my bra by 6. Getting up at 6 AM and hitting snooze a few times before hitting the gym.

Would you believe that this lady used to smoke and drink hard? But as my friend says, "I can't just have one drink." You know what?? Neither can I. And it's time I admit that.

Why waste the calories on one drink when I know I am going to booze a little? It's ok. I am ok. I am not an alcoholic. I check on with myself to make sure I am ok and will not have a hangover.

But moving on. What it's all about is photos.

These are my two nephews. Aren't they adorable? Rudolph is holding Frosty the newborn snowman. I am adamant about not exploiting children. And so that's why you will never see them.

Here's a photo of Tattoo Tim and Me

One of my best friends from college. She'll kill me for posting this. Oh well!
One of my favorite sisters.
My other faves!
Paul Simon. My Dad
Enough photos for now. Cash does not rule everything. You see, debit cards really do. And speaking of, our new dog, Beazy got spayed yesterday. And while I asked them to "trim around her eyes" They decided to trim her snout. And now our dog looks like a duck billed platypus.
Our cutie angel face and her adorable brother [Beazy is on the left].
She now looks like this:
Oh well! Enjoy the show, folks.
Tattoo Tim has started training for the ironman and I am pretty pumped about it. Stay tuned for my goals. And maybe his down the road.

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