Monday, September 13, 2010

The Square that is Madison

Every weekend, the square is converted into an activity. While Lance Armstrong was on the square two weeks ago, one week ago, Lisa Loeb performed (totally unbeknownst to me, found out after)and yesterday - the Ironman.

Every Labor Day weekend, Madison has an annual event that I like to call, "The Taste of the United States of America." Madison, I am ashamed. While our local restaurants do incredibly well in this little city, the "taste" includes Little Caesers, Panchero's, and more places that I haven't been to since college. But, it does also include some Madison favorites. It brings in people from I am not even sure where... and down town is as congested as a Badger home game Saturday.

And yesterday, thousands of people gathered down town to watch those athletes who want to do the ultimate challenge: the Ironman. (My sister has accused me of being a delinquent blogger and said she is sure she will read about how the Ironman should be called the "Ironperson" in my next posting.... she knows me too well).

This competition is truly an unbelievable act. And an inspiration to watch. As I have mentioned before, races are very emotional for me to watch. When I greeted a friend who had a wonderful support system of spectateurs after her most incredible accomplishment, I was able to tell her how proud I was of her. Something that never comes out of my mouth naturally. Completing an ironman is something that just seems unattainable to me - I jealously admit that. But I will never do it.

Every time I watch a marathon (or the Madison Ironman,) I think to myself,
"maybe I will do another marathon.... nah!"

The one piece of advice I will give you if you are training, whether it is for an ironman or a marathon, having a great support system during your training and at the event is key.

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