Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mornings in Madison

Madison tends to start work early and leave early. Everyone seems to wrap-up their day around 4:30 or 5:00. After-work happy hours tend to go from 5-7:00 PM. And everyone seems to be a morning person.

If I told you a year ago what I now do in a morning, I wouldn't believe myself. You can have a whole morning before you even go to work. As one of the healthier cities in the United States, I can understand why there is quite a morning crowd. A ton of people are out exercising (myself included) prior to work. I see a lot of the same characters in the morning. The older man who jogs in his Wisconsin hoodie. The guy who always says "hi" on his roller blades. The 50+ lady in her professional looking running clothes who has the body of an eighteen year old. One morning, I even passed up my good friend as I was running along Lake Monona. And we were probably both out the night before, tossing back a few beers. But this is a dedicated group.

Move on to what happens upon my return. I cannot believe that I tend to throw in a load of laundry before work, as well. So that it can go in the dryer post-work, while my dog and I are at the dog park. (I don't EVER leave my dryer on when my dog is home alone). Some mornings, I also vacuum. (There's a ton of shedding going on here).

And then, of course - the dog has to go for a quick walk before I leave. Sometimes, I run into friendly neighbors and we get into a little chat. And before I know it, I am really late for my next part of the morning routine: coffee shop.

The brewing at home didn't last long. I missed Barriques, so we have been completely reunited. Because it is a familiar stomping ground, I can safely say that all of the regulars know each other's names. It is quite friendly. And if I have a lot of time, I will walk over there with my dog and hang out outside for five or ten minutes. One time, I even left the dog with a very nice coffee companion, who watched her while I ran in to get something to eat. She hung out with a group of regulars and relaxed under the table.

So here I am, now. This morning person. Who would have thought? And by 8:15, I am always happy I have so much done already. And I wonder why I am so tired right now?

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