Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bittersweet Move

When I moved into my own place at the end of last summer, I knew I probably would only stay in it one year. This is the first time I have lived alone in so long, and while I love it, I wanted something cheaper and it was hard to find something quickly with a dog. So now Scout and I are moving into something a lot cheaper in the same "fancy" building, 2 floors up.

And when I talked about minimizing things, I am so thankful that I took my own advice! After being a junk collector as a kid (my mom said our cleaning lady found a sandwich under my bed), I have nothing but the bare minimum and I love it. Especially while moving.

When you have the basics, you hardly have anything that you need to throw out. So far, I have gotten rid of a pot holder and a pie pan. I use everything else on a regular basis, which really tells you how little I have.

But it is sad to move out of my "first" place. I have truly lost count of how many times Scout and I have moved. She's all I have. And she's been through everything with me. And I do feel bad for her because she knows the drill now. Mom starts clearing the bookshelf and emptying out the closet - where are we going now? But she has always adjusted well. She's a very sweet dog.

And even though I am only moving two floors up, I am walking away from a memory. Nostalgic I am. This is where I made my first farmer's market meal for my new friends. Where we sat in front of the fireplace, drinking red wine, watching a snow storm. Where we people watched one Saturday afternoon with the binoculars. Where my boyfriend and I grew to know each other. Where my family came over for a meal.

So now we will make some more memories on the fourth floor of the same building.

If you aren't familiar, August 15th is an infamous date in Madison, Wisconsin. It's all over the news - moving day. Students are back. The funny part of the infamy is that many people must be out at a certain time, and are "homeless" for a night. It's going to be crazy. But fun.

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  1. Ha, a sandwich under the bed?! That doesn't sound like the Janie I have gotten to know and love! :)