Sunday, July 19, 2009

Putting Things into Perspective

I had a horrible week. I spoke too soon in my last post. And how do I deal with a horrible week? I talk about it with anyone who will listen. This has always been the way for me to cope with my problems.

Yesterday, my nephew started to cry. He was holding his toy in one hand and had his milk, and he was a disaster. (I took him out of the crib too soon....) I looked at him and thought, "He thinks he has problems?" He is probably sad because he wants his favorite toy or he knows his parents are going to go out without him or something stupid like that! And his parents - they have it bad. A two year old and a four month old and full time jobs and no sleep and constant crying simultaneously and non-stop diaper changes and thirty minutes just to get in the car. So now I don't feel so bad about my problems....

And then I went to talk to someone about my problems and they were upset about a major family issue involving insane false accusations and then I realized that I was happy because at least I don't have family drama remotely close to that.

There are four aspects of life at this point: Work, Relationship, Family & Friends/Hobbies. And I want them all to align all of the time...

But when they are not all aligned properly, the best thing to do is to put things into perspective. This is so hard - much easier said than done. Someone can tell you to focus on the positives which can be difficult. Talk to your friends. Talk through your problems. It amazes me how many people bury their issues. I am not capable of this.

As I have talked with each person about my crappy week, I have really, really tried to take the time to ask them about them and how they are doing. And knowing that nobody's stars are aligning all of the time can really make you feel like you are simply living life. And you are not alone.... Everyone goes through difficult weeks.

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