Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Gen X and Beyond Needs to get on the Bandwagon with Texting

So all of my friends are texters. I remember my first text. It was back in 2002, and I was the recipient. My phone had some unidentifiable symbol, which I couldn't get rid of. I showed my friend, and she was like, "Duh - you have a text..." Since then, I can say that I do a lot more texting than talking. 

When I was at the cell phone store in November, the salesperson told me I had sent 697 texts the last month alone. Because of this, I no longer have to charge my phone nightly. There are days when I don't even talk on it. You can make plans, send suggestive messages, and text fantastic announcements through this cell phone trend. 

Let me explain the beauty of a text because some older folks ask why we don't pick up the phone and call the person. In today's "busy" world, where people are always complaining about how overbooked they are, nobody returns phone messages. If I have exciting news to tell my friend in D.C., I would prefer to not take the time out of our "hectic" little lives, and spend hours on the phone. With a simple message of "Did you hear so-and-so is preggers?" is much easier. I can do it while I am writing my blog, watching my nephew or walking the dog.

Besides being fast and easy, it is a very polite way of keeping all parties happy. If I am out of town visiting friends I rarely see, and my parents are trying to reach me, I feel the need to not take any time away from my friends. Our time is precious. A simple, "I am visiting friends. Will call you tomorrow night" is a courteous way of not ignoring my parents, and keeping my friends satisfied with our short time together. 

I am blessed with parents who know how to text. I can see that more and more Gen Xers and beyond are learning the art of it. Although my generation is 100% into the world of text, a lot of people don't see the beauty in the simplicity of saving yourself from returning those dreaded calls. 

I know it is very casual for many people. In real estate, I did receive counter offers via a text message, so get on board, and join in! 


  1. I want to go on record that I am a friend of yours who does not text. I hate texting--I hate the idea of it. It is very impersonal. I think it gives people an excuse to say things they would never say to someone's face or even over the phone. I would much rather hear someone's voice and not leave some sarcastic comment that could be misinterpreted to chance. I especially find it annoying when I am out with a friend and they are texting at the table while pretending to listen with one ear. If I am out with a friend, I try to give them my 100% attention, even if that means losing contact with the rest of the world for a few minutes. So, it isn't just old people--this Gen Xer would much rather see or talk to people!

  2. I agree that texting can be incredibly rude. I try to use it to please both ends, but I wouldn't sit through a meal, and have an entire conversation via text messages. That's just plain obnoxious.