Monday, November 4, 2013

Redundant Facebook Postings

I saw something this week that a friend posted on facebook about postings that annoy the heck out of people so I decided to create my own list. What do you think about that? And it starts with the posts I have seen all day today via facebook. So let's start with #1. Shall we?

Annoying Facebook Post #1 is......

1) Oddly, my little Mason/Aiden/Zora didn't get the memo that it's daylight savings time and I have been up since 4:00 AM!!!

That's too bad.

2) Ran 4 miles, did laundry, cleaned the car out and went to the airport - all before 10 AM!

What do you think normal people do? Sounds like a typical morning. Good for you.

3) Got some serious news. Scared!

Yeah. I'm just going to ignore that status. Because your cryptic update is asking for attention I don't care to give you.

4) Just ran 5 miles!

So did I.

5) I can't believe little Aiden is one year old today! Where did my baby go?

What did you think was happening, exactly? A Benjamin Button situation here?

6) I love my boyfriend! He bought me flowers just because he's so wonderful!

Here they are! I'm the luckiest!

7)  I'm the luckiest girl in the world! I am going to marry the man of my dreams! 

Really? The man of your dreams just bought you that ugly piece of jewelry?

So - what are your favorite posts or what really annoys you? I expect to get a comment from the Malaysian who continues to ask me to advertise their fake bags that you can get in Soho.

So long!


  1. Oh, I thought those posts were just from people I know. That's why I just look on f-book and don't post. The most annoying posts to me are the ones that say "I just ran 3.2 miles with Nike" and everyone comments good job. What the hell. Maybe I'll post something like : "I just took a big shit." and see if people congratulate me. BTW- I've been reading that young people don't even use F-bk, it's just 30 and overs....

    1. LOL! Too funny. What are the younger kids doing if not facebooking?