Friday, June 21, 2013

The Continuation of Racing in 2013

In the continuation of remaining loyal to my 2013 race a month, I did the Black Earth 10 miler [no frills, $5 entry fee, no chip], Crazylegs, [beat last year's time and had my name in the paper again], and the Honky Tonk 5K [placed 3rd female finisher].

The Black Earth 10 miler was pretty unexciting. It's an out and back on country roads and the best part of it for me is that I know I'm going to feel great the rest of the day. It was a lousy day for racing and the wind was pretty loud and hard coming back. It was so loud that you couldn't hear anything. I never got passed after about mile 4 and the end was anti-climatic. But it's a fun, no-frills race. I don't even think my time is posted, but I think I finished in an hour and 25 minutes? I am not really sure.

Next came the Crazylegs Classic. An 8K that starts on the square where we live and ends in Camp Randall Stadium [where the Badgers play football!] Along with that grand finale, beer is free until they run out. I was fortunate to cut off 17 seconds from last year, moving me up to 40th in my age group and 234th in my gender out of 5,604. Tim, on the other hand was 8th out of 9,501 runners. I have work to do!

                                            Here we are, post Crazylegs at Camp Randall.

So I did two in April and then followed up with the Honky Tonk in May. The story behind the Honky Tonk is a moving story. I never write about my work, but inspired by Aly Wolff, a young cancer patient who sadly lost her battle with cancer, I wanted to give back. Her story moved not only me but literally thousands of people all over the country. My heart goes out to her and her family and friends. What her friends did for her was beautiful. And in her memory, I signed up for Aly's Honky Tonk Hustle. It was a nice warm day and there were a lot of people out there remembering Aly. She was the only thing missing. I wish I got to meet her. Clearly there was something so special about this girl.

Here's a nice photo before the race started:

Aly's girlfriends who rallied around her did a fantastic job with this run/walk. I know what these runs take to get organized. I came in third place/women! They gave me a medal. and we chatted for a few minutes. I have not been able to break that 23 minute 5/k time, but I will, darn it!

Now - on to tomorrow... We are doing the Plan B 5K Fruit Loop. I wonder who is going to win.....

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