Monday, April 1, 2013

How to Run - a Training Guide

Well I finished my burpee challenge ... with myself. Oh well. I tried. I didn't think it was any big deal but I also don't miss them. If anyone wants to do a month with me, I am happy to!

In other news, my dad and sister agreed to train for a 5k. My dad has never really been a runner besides one summer in the old black and white days.

While he was visiting in March, I had planned to take him over to a running store to get fitted for shoes. He said he has a pair from when we were in Minneapolis [which was in the year 2000] and went out for cheeseburgers* instead. This is not a joke.

This is that burger joint he insisted we go to. Note * I drank my meal and downed 2 bloody marys.

So I decided instead of sending him 1,000,000 articles on why you should NEVER run in shoes that are thirteen years old, I would just blog about it instead.

So if you are wanting to go from 0 - 5 K, here is my advice.

1) Get medical clearance from your doctor.

2) Get fitted for running shoes at a running store.

These retailers are experts at fitting you based on your stride. This will be very helpful and will hopefully prevent injuries you can avoid by running in 13 [OMG!] year old shoes.

3) Wear appropriate running gear.

You do not need to get fancied out for this. You want to wear comfortable clothes. It's simple. You shouldn't have to buy anything new.

4) Start out slow.

Go around your block or down your street at a very slow jog. The biggest mistake I made when I tried to run the first few times was really running. Just jog. Slowly. You should be able to make it for one minute at a jog pace.

Here is a guide I found that you can use to get you from 0 to a 5K

My one [and only?!] marathon. My sister joined me at the end.

When I had my birthday last week I sent out my usual birthday wish list. Let me start by saying that my dad has fully furnished my wardrobe at this point. I am sitting in a cute dress and tights from a Banana Republic gift card he got me last winter and next to an adorable Orla Kiely purse
he comped for my birthday, I love to tell people who compliment my outfits that they're from Bob. Although they were picked out by yours truly.

However, I really want a dad and mom who are healthy [they are healthy - just to age well] And I wish now that I had asked my dad to do the 5K and not get me anything.

 I was really teased growing up for changing my mind. And I am the complete opposite of that now. I like to follow through on things. I hate when people tell you

"I'm going to see a movie tomorrow night"

and when you ask them how it was, they tell you they didn't go. It irks me.

If I could be your accountability partner I would be. What's keeping you from training for your first 5K?

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