Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fat Old Ladies and More


Blogging. It’s something of a past time. I only like to do it when I am alone. And when I am alone at home, I am doing laundry, playing with the dog [more about that later] or cooking or cleaning. God  I sound like a housewife. Or reading, figuring out investments, trying to invent a cure for cancer, geocashing, or just plain not home. Ok – now that sounds better.

I am still very much enamored with Madison. The joy it brings me every day has not gone away. When I think back to when I first graduated college which was shortly after 9/11, I am amazed at how things have gone. And that I live in this great city.

Dog Stuff

Here is what’s happened in the past few months. The dog died. It was my dog of 11 years. I went through cities, homes, boyfriends and jobs. And she was always with me. I dream about her. I dream I can feel her nice solid body. The little bump on her side. Her soft fur.

My boyfriend and I got a goldendoodle named Beazy. Her real name is Beatrice but we call her Beazy. I don’t know why we gave her a real name. It’s not like she has a birth certificate or anything like that.

Beazy is very different than my Scout. Beazy is shy. Can you believe that? I have a shy dog. She is scared of a lot of things. And she hasn’t destroyed anything yet. It’s really quite odd if you ask me. A little boring, almost. She isn’t very naughty.

We take Beazy all over. She has been to several bars, the wine shop, the coffee shop, pretty much any friend’s house, my cousin’s bridal shower, my aunt and uncle’s farm, Tim’s parents in Green Bay. But she is still shy. However she is VERY cute!

For those of you who bore me with your baby photos on the interwebs, [yes I am being insensitive], I will now be boring you with Beazy pictures.


I also ran another half marathon. This time, as a 40 year old woman who hadn’t trained and was willing to give me her race number. I shaved off 2 minutes from the last ½ and again did no half- marathon training. I think my time was 1:56? Not sure though. Still debating if I actually want to train for another marathon or not. I keep saying when I am 40.

I am also working on conquering my fear of the bike. All by myself. Without any pressure from others. You see, Trek has a great bike share program. And these bikes are placed throughout the town. So I can actually jump on one near my place and ride drop it outside my work. The B Cycle rocks! I love urban bike sharing [in my small town].

Pet Peeves

So let me break it down to you. I am getting more and more irritated by the day by those fat people who slowly drive around a parking lot looking for the best spot closest to the entrance. What’s up with that??!

Here was my latest encounter. A lady just STOPS and sits in her car for a good 5 minutes. I start honking about 60 seconds into it. I honk and honk and honk. I turn off my car. I walk up to her.

Me: M’aam is there something wrong with your car?

Fat Old Lady: NO! I am waiting for this parking spot!

Me: Oh! Well is your signal broken? Because there is a line of cars waiting behind me and you’re just stopped here in the middle of the parking lot!

Fat Old Lady: [And I am being nice by calling her this] That’s why I waved my arm out the window so you would know what I was doing.

Me: Turn your signal on!

F.O.L: Here! Are you happy?!

Me: Yes. Thank You!

Man, I can’t stand people who don’t use their signal. And who drive around forever to get a decent spot. Lazy Americans. Would it kill you to walk a little?

Until next time. Have a great day.

Here's a cute photo of Beazy:

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