Sunday, July 8, 2012

Madison in the Summer

Greetings from Madison. Where else? And as I sit here at my favorite coffee shop - well I now live above it. Yes, our building houses this fantastic wine/coffee shop.

Which means when I wake up at the crack and bring my dog out for her morning walk, I am greeted by a patio full of people I may know.

It goes like this:

 "Hello! I am in my ugly running clothes - no make up morning breath - how are you? Greetings! I just rolled out of bed!"

After several sessions with my therapist, I broke through and accepted living with someone again. I was a little freaked out about it. Actually more than a little. But it's been working out really well. And we have never has any real fight - so I realize how lucky I am.

When you're 32 [or 29 again], and have had a series of long relationships, it's just practice for the real thing. And if I have learned anything at all in my nine lives of dating it is this:

The one who gets along with their parents is the keeper. If they like their parents, get excited to see them, are fans of them - they are probably a healthy individual. Because our parents are the foundation of our issues or lack of them. However - I would not recommend the kind of adult child who has to talk to their folks every day or see them all of the time or call them as soon as they roll over in the morning. There needs to be a healthy balance.

When I was visiting my sister before I moved here and Fromigination had opened up on the square, I thought it was so funny how she introduced herself to the owners the first time we went in. As I walked past Square Wine Company and watched them get ready to open I was dying to check it out. One day last week, Scout and I walked by and they invited us in. They were open! A brand new wine shop on the square. I walked in and they met Scout and me. We exchanged names. In Madison, you have to introduce yourself to a new local business owner. There is no other way. And the other thing I notice is people generally seem quite happy. They don't complain.

Tim [Tattoo boy] and I went over to their open house yesterday afternoon. The store looks great! Located right on the heart of the square, they have a ton of reasonably priced wines, a few quality beers and a super friendly staff. They had out a spread of food with tastings all around the store being poured by very knowledgeable people from the wine industry. Andrea, the owner [may be a co-owner - I am not sure] is a total people person. I think they're going to have a really good following. They do tastings on Friday nights. Go check it out!

Like the rest of the Unites States, we are experiencing a drought here and the weather has been in the 100s. I spent two days on the dreadmill but have been running in the heat for the most part - quite uncomfortably. The weather broke today and I am outside! I woke up, turned off the A/C and opened all of our windows. I love real air!

Here's what I have been doing a little of.....

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