Monday, September 12, 2011

Goodman Pool Dog Dip

Naughty Dog!

I don't know what happened but in the past few months, my dog has turned into a very crazy and energetic "geriatric" dog.

She is currently on her side, kicking her paws around, rolling around like a puppy.

She is ten years old. And according to most people, she weighs almost as much as me. Truthfully, she is stronger than me. Way stronger.

For whatever reason, I always take her to all dog excursions. And yesterday was no exception.

"Hey Scout! Wanna go to the Goodman Pool Dog Dip?!?!"

"I just ate a hot dog out of a toddler's hand and while Janie bought the screaming and crying three-year-old a brand new hot dog, I checked out the men's room while she had to wait outside as I trotted around....."

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