Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Shaft & the Flip Flop Blow-Out

The funniest thing happened the other day. My friend and I were walking down State Street, while my dog dragged me along as she always does, when all of a sudden, I blew out my flip flop. (I did not step on a pop-top. Not sure what that is, either).

I had to cruise into the shoe store. Fortunately for me, the shoe store is about two store fronts down from the "blow-out" incident. As I hobbled down the sidewalk, the dog pulling my arm out of the socket, I entered the shoe store with one shoe on/one shoe off. I was forced to buy a new pair of shoes, even though I didn't really see any that I liked. And that is why I now own a pair of moccasins.

Running late for a "man appointment," if you will, my friend had to come over and assist me after the flip-flop incident, so I wasn't late.

Move onto Tuesday. I am at work. I walk onto the elevator with a co-worker. My arms are full of stuff. I am leaving for an appointment. As I enter the elevator, I drop my collection of keys. As I look down, it's like slow motion. All of a sudden, they have disappeared down the elevator shaft. What do I do? Those are my only set of keys. My car key is worth about $300 (it has a chip in it), my condo key is $50 to replace, etc. I laugh. Completely hysterical. Uncontrollable laughter.

Well, the building engineer goes down to the basement and about thirty minutes later I am reunited with the bent-up, busted looking keys. And I was very, very happy to see my keys. So now I know that if you drop something down an elevator shaft, you can recover the item.

If you blow out your shoes, you may end up with a pair that you don't necessarily want. But at least I have a cute pair of moccasins and some funny stories.

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  1. I always wondered if that happens with keys. Good to know you can recover them. I want to see your cute new shoes.