Sunday, July 11, 2010

La Fete de Marquette and More

**Non-Madison residents, Please e-mail me a photo of a bike rack near your home/work.

In the past few days, I was taking in some local stuff. As for the annual (I believe 52nd?) art fair, you definitely have to be in the mood for the crowd. I saw some nice artists - there's no way to avoid it when you have to walk from my home to the drug store to pick a prescription up.

I saw "Cyrus" at Sundance. Although not a very long movie, there was something "slow" about it. I like Jonah Hill a lot. There are plenty of men will you tell they like Marisa Tomei. A lot. However, real acting talent isn't challenged enough in this film. And the movie certainly had me thinking quite a bit about the capabilities of a child destroying a relationship between a parent and a lover. Does it really happen? Can it happen? My main thoughts were leaning towards a sense of relief.

I enjoyed a Burlesque show at the Majestic. Sorry - I didn't dress up in fishnets and such, but the sword swallower was very impressive. An entertaining night.

And with the overwhelming amount of things to do around here, I had to decide on one of three things at the end of Thursday: La Fete de Marquette, the community pool or a concert on the square. I chose La Fete, which included a free meal/beer for Willy Street Co-op members and a ride on the antique ferris wheel. On the top, you have nice views of our dome and the city skyline. What a gorgeous view it is. The one thing I will tell you about La Fete de Marquette is that I must have missed the memo about babies having to be carried in clothe carriers by your male partner (if your partner is male). Had I known, I probably would have bought one and put a fake baby in there with some dreads and a little scent of patchouli and called it a night.

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