Monday, March 23, 2009

Everyone Needs a Girls Night Out

After a series of "more mature" and sophisticated weekends (you know - a sit down dinner, a photography exhibit, maybe a night of netflix), I decided I was long overdue for a wild night out.

I don't think that it is ironic that the closest dog park is the one that is less than a ten minute walk from my house, which has "Beer Friday." About a dozen or so people and their furry friends congregate post-work over some beers and chatter. (And may I include these dogs are extremely naughty? Yes they are all poorly behaved. So my dog fits right in.) Last Friday, I was still feeling the affects of Thursday evening, so while I brought a few beers, I did not consume them. This past Friday, I was able to partake in the TGIF beer drinking. I stayed at the park so long that I am worried my dog may have gotten even thinner and I had to make a pit stop en route to my house at another dog owner's house - who I really only knew as "Simon's Owner" (This, I have never had to do before.)

I know I mention those "girls nights out" that we gals like. After sitting at a bar for some time, I was ready to go dancing. The bars with the dancing are limited near my house. I am too old for a lot of them. There is one that is ok but I was instructed upon my arrival in Madison to "never go there." Of course, I went there my first night out in Madison, when my girlfriends and I were looking for a place to go dancing. And we had a blast. Well, at least I had a blast. I was newly single and feeling free to do whatever I wanted. You know, dance with all sorts of guys. Sandwiches and stuff. Nobody cares. It was, like, a totally liberating experience. Because I like to dance. And most of those people on the dance floor are drunk and you can let loose.

I was slightly embarrassed that I went to that place. But I wanted to dance, so I went back there. I get very inspired by music. That is part of why I love my running so much. Some songs just make you move. I think that is why real religious people don't listen to music. If you turn on the music while you have a baby in the room, watch how they naturally move to it. (I can't believe I just wrote that!) And it's not uncommon for people to gyrate and tap their feet, or whatever.

So, anyways - first the music was a bunch of stuff I hear all day long on the radio. But then, the good dance music comes on (ok, what I call good - you probably wouldn't.) And I am working very hard to do every move they have in the video. Now you try mimicking Beyonce and her dancers and see how hot you look! I mean, I am doing high kicks and everything. But then, this 80s song comes on. And my college girls - they know how I am for the 80s music. Totally obsessed. An 80s song on a dance floor is a dream. And I dig 80s aerobics. And this music video is a bunch of women doing 80s aerobics (in thongs.) So, let's just say I spent the remainder of the evening bouncing around the dance floor doing 80s aerobics. And I was drenched in sweat. And got home at about 2:30 AM.

Due to an incident that occurred in October, I can no longer enjoy that macaroni & cheese pizza I was so loving. It is by no means the fault of the restaurant. It was just the last thing I ate before hugging my toilet. So, when my pals wanted to go there for a slice, I refused. We walked through the 24 hour grocery across from me and people selected their snacks.

And by 8:30 AM, my legs were so sore from all the 80s aerobics dancing. And I run six days a week. So I guess I gave myself a good workout. I think I will attempt this again this weekend. This goes out to all my Woo-Town peeps. I was so wishing you were all there with me.


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