Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Vacation Should Be Just That

So, the farthest I have gone from Madison since July is to Illinois, and I am finally going to be leaving to go something like 1200 miles from here. The irony of this is that when I moved here, my sister discovered she was pregnant, and I always thought how fantastic it is that I could be nearby when she delivers, but now, I am not so sure, being that she is right around 40 weeks....

Here is the thing about a vacation. I actually had a dream about this last night. And, as I was packing up my desk yesterday, I started to bring my notebook, with my daily notes in it, and then I reminded myself, "Oh yeah - I am not a business owner anymore. If something happens, it won't need my immediate attention, so I can really take a vacation." Then, I had this dream last night that these clients desperately needed me, and I was 1200 miles away. One of my first trips as a real estate agent, I received an offer on a listing, and spent several hours of my trip working negotiations.

Shortly after I was licensed as a real estate agent, I decided to go on a cruise, because then there is no excuse to stay connected to the outside world. I couldn't. Cell phones didn't work on cruises, and e-mail is very expensive. Someone told me since then, that cell phones do work - but I don't know. Neither do I care, because I doubt I will ever go on another cruise. I really chose that vacation due to the fact that you are unreachable. I think cruises are very simple. You don't have to plan anything, it is all done for you. I also read an article in the New York Times on Sunday that gave me another reason to never cruise again. The ships are terrible for the environment.

So, why haven't I been taking vacations the old fashioned way? And why don't more people try to do just that? I have friends here who are workaholics, and some who never mention work when they aren't there. (Mostly the latter. Ok, all but one - wink, wink)

I am perfectly comfortable going away while my sister may very well deliver. While we are together all of the time, it is unfortunate that there is a good chance that I may not even know she is in labor. But, what difference is it going to make in the long run? I can't do anything for her. I can't push the baby out. Can't administer the drugs. Won't be cutting any cords. If the baby comes, I will be back soon enough.

And so, even though there is a chance this could all happen while I am away, I will be phoneless and computerless. No facebook. No twitter. No texting. Certainly no blogging. This is my last one for now. My sister knows where I am staying, if she wants to try to hunt me down. But, there is nothing I can do about whatever happens outside of my bubble. If you die, you will still be dead when I come back. So maybe we should all think about the importance of really disconnecting, and leave all modern technology behind. Isn't that what we all did 15 years ago??

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