Sunday, December 14, 2008

How to Self-Promote

I have mentioned in a previous post how quickly I made it onto the news and on Madison's Magnet website, a networking group for young professionals, after only living in Madison for a few weeks.

In Cleveland, I was often used for different advertisements, brochures, and media related materials. Part of this was because if a public relations person asked me if I would do it, I was never afraid of the camera, and some people are. I became pretty comfortable, and if you are as outgoing as I am, and want to work your way up any corporate ladder, it is important to self promote. I now have a huge folder full of different publications I have been in in the past four or five years, so it is no surprise that I was in the media in Madison so quickly.

This blog has become more than a hobby for me. I promote this often, and it has now been on the homepage of my favorite website,, twice, and has introduced me to some powerful people in Madison.

Last Tuesday, I had my job search support group. I was informed before the group meeting that "Wisconsin State Journal" was doing a story on unemployed people in Madison, and that a photographer was going to be coming to take photos. Monday night, we had a bad snow storm. Tuesday morning, it was still snowing, and a lot of people couldn't drive into work. I was determined to get to that group because I knew if the photographer did show up, I was going to get into the the "Wisconsin State Journal," and here it is:

I just knew this was another opportunity for me to get my name out there. I hiked through the snow storm (by foot), in a business suit, while most people worked from home and stayed indoors. You wouldn't know by looking at my photo that I walked about six blocks in a snow storm, but I was prepared for it.

If you are looking to put yourself "out there," the main thing to remember is you must know that you will get the publicity you are looking for. If you see any journalist questioning or photographing the public, don't be shy. They like people to volunteer, as a lot of times, you are helping them, and they appreciate it. Always look confident, but not overly arrogant. Be sure of yourself, and what you are saying, if they are quoting or paraphrasing you.

I also encourage you to use all forms of social media, if you are hoping to gain popularity. Blog, Twitter, facebook, and even texting helps.

You can't lose by networking. Try to attend as many different networking events as you can. You get to know people, and they get to know you. There is almost always a photographer there. Make sure your photo gets taken, and typically, those photos do get up on a website, or maybe even make it to a local newspaper. You can link the photo to your facebook page, or your blog, or even send a mass e-mail to friends and family.

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